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Andalusia celebrates Flamenco Day with more than 200 cultural activities

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Flamenco, one of the most representative artistic expressions of Andalusia and Spain, has its own special day on 16 November, celebrating 13 years since it was designated Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. To celebrate this day, Andalusia puts on a display of art and culture with an extensive programme of more than 200 activities that will take place throughout the entire month of November.

The aim of this celebration is to bring flamenco closer to citizens and visitors who want to enjoy this form of art in person. With this in mind, there will be a whole host of official events in historic and artistic spaces and educational centres, as well as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, documentaries and awards.

One of the most important activities is the "Call of Flamenco", an initiative that unites the artistic and architectural heritage, with many different artists performing traditional songs from significant places across the eight Andalusian provinces at sunset. 

This activity was already held successfully last year. This year, dance academies in the provinces of Almería, Cadiz, Cordoba and Granada organised a "flash mob" that was synchronised with the call.

Another activity that will be carried out is the 2nd Flamenco Day Gala in Andalusia, which will be held on 18 November in the Gran Teatro de Córdoba, with the participation of José Antonio Rodríguez (Toque), El Pele (Singing) and Farruquito (Dance), accompanied by other renowned artists. This gala will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the essence of flamenco at its best.

Federated flamenco clubs in Andalusia will play an essential role in the dissemination and preservation of flamenco, organising activities at their headquarters and in other public spaces. 

In Huelva on 18 November, the Peña Flamenca club will offer performances by artists such as María Terremoto at the Alcalde Juan Manuel Santana Theatre in Lepe.

In Jaén, from 16 to 25 November, flamenco clubs will host performances by artists such as Ricardo Fernández del Morral, Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, Arcángel and Rocío Segura in the towns of Mancha Real, Alcalá La Real and Jaén.

In Malaga, from 10 to 24 November, clubs will offer performances by artists such as Pepe Lara, Manuel Cuevas, Marta "La Niña", Ana Pastrana, Chelo Soto and Verónica Canela in Mijas, Antequera, Casarabonela, Guaro and Malaga.

In Seville, from 10 to 16 November, in clubs across the province, there will be dancing, singing and playing by artists such as Antonio Santiago "El Ñoño", Rafael de Utrera, Manuel Cuevas Melchor Chico and Ezequiel Benítez.

Flamenco is a cultural expression which involves singing, dancing and playing the guitar, and which reflects the identity and diversity of Andalusia. It dates back to the 18th century and since then it has evolved and been enriched with influences from other music and cultures. Flamenco is a living, dynamic and universal art, which has become a symbol of Spanish and Andalusian culture around the world. 

If you want to live a unique and memorable experience, come to Andalusia and enjoy flamenco in person.