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Antequera sky

Cielo Antequera

The wonders of the night sky are unveiled all their glory across the sky of Antequera. In this town in Malaga, and within the beautiful El Torcal Nature Area, there is a very special place where something as simple as stargazing becomes a real treat.

The karstic landscape, one of the most important in Europe, makes this activity especially magical. Designated a Natural Site of National Interest almost 100 years ago, the Torcal can be described as a unique place where sky and rock come together.


The Astronomical Observatory, located at an altitude of 1,200 metres, is a benchmark in Andalusia for research and training, and for offering dissemination events for all ages. 

El Observatorio en pleno Paraje Natural

A place to observe the universe all year round

Open since 2010, the observatory organises activities all year round. The unbeatable natural conditions of this area, favoured by the absence of nearby buildings and low light pollution, allow observation to be optimal throughout the day... and night.

Perseidas 2019_br

Thanks to various observation materials, visitors will be able to delve into the depths of the universe. Even the most distant stars will seem to be within arm's reach! The telescope in the dome is used to study meteors and celestial bodies. 

Telescopio principal en la cúpula del Observatorio

You can combine your visit to the Observatory with an immersive stop at the nearby Torcal Alto Visitor Centre, which offers much more information on this natural beauty site.

What's more, between mid-June and September, Antequera Council organises a leisure and tourist event called "Luz de Luna”, with tours and dramatised visits, stargazing at Los Dólmenes and even concerts, festivals and art exhibitions. 

Dolmen Romeral
Antequera sky