Astronomical Viewing Points

Andalusia, the best window to the universe in Europe.

Andalusia has the best skies in Europe for stargazing and it is one of the places in the world with the highest number of Starlight certifications. This means that there is a large group of professionals who carry out research work, from university astrophysics departments, official centres such as the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Navy in San Fernando and the two great professional Astronomical Observatories of Andalusia, the Sierra Nevada Observatory and the Calar Alto Spanish-German Observatory . These centres also carry out educational and informative activities and programs on Astronomy that respond to the growing interest in this field.

Ground observatories are still amazing places for stargazing. The astronomical quality of an observatory is defined by the transparency of its skies and by the number of clear days, so there are more hours that are suitable for stargazing. Both circumstances are closely related to the climate of the place and its geographical characteristics. Andalusia is a privileged place, as it has all the requirements for the development of incredible astronomical experiences.

As well as Andalusia's excellent places for the development of advanced and professional astronomy, there is a whole wide network of points for astronomical observation or for the development of educational and tourist activities across the region.