Bedmar y Garcíez

Bedmar y Garcíez
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The village is situated at the foot of Sierra Mágina Mountains, with a craggy landscape, dedicated to cereal and olive trees.

It belongs to the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, a part of the Subbetic region, which offers beautiful and spectacular views. With regard to vegetation, Holm and Gall oaks are frequent, as well as pines and salgareños. Its rich and varied wildlife is also important.

It is composed of the villages of Bedmar and Garcíez, the first being the most important. Bedmar has a magnificient church, and Garcíez an interesting palace, both of which are Renaissance.


Its name comes from the Bedmar family, knights who accompanied the King Don Fernando in the conquest of Andalusia and took possession of Bedmar town and castle.

In 1302, Don Pedro Sanchez de Bedmar was lord and governor and defended the castle until his death when it was besieged by Mohamed Ben Alhamar, King of Granada.

After the Christian conquest, it belonged to the Order of Santiago and was governed by the la Cueva Family.

Don Alonso de la Cueva y Benavides bought the village of Bedmar and its lands from King Felipe II in 1563.

In 1975 the villages of Bedmar and Garciez were united for administrative purposes.

Bedmar y Garcíez
Bedmar y Garcíez
Bedmar y Garcíez
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