Palacio del Marqués de Viana

Palacio del Marqués de Viana
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It is one of the largest civil Renaissance buildings built in the province of Jaén. The building works commenced around 1501, with a Gothic look. In 1548 the works finished when Don Díaz Sánchez de Quesada was lord of the village, married to Doña Inés de Tabera.

It is thought that the building was designed by Pedro de Vandelvira. It has a rectangular floor plan, with Renaissance architecture, Ionic at the bottom and Doric at the top, in the left side porch of the patio, and the ground floor is a farmstead. The main entrance, with a marble stone frame and two pilasters with Ionic capitals, has a corbel on the arch’s skewback, and on top there is a continuous frieze which alternates triglyphs and bull heads, instead of the typical classical Doric metopes.

It is also known as the Garcíez Palace. It was declared of Cultural Interest in 2006.

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Palacio del Marqués de Viana
Calle San Marcos, s/n, 23539
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