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Boat Trips and Sailing from the marinas of Huelva

Huelva costa

The seafaring tradition is part of Huelva's deep-rooted identity, since the link between the people and the sea is so close that a large of the history of municipalities such as Ayamonte, Isla Cristina, Lepe, Cartaya or Punta Umbría would not be understood without this symbiosis. The smell of salt, the sound of the waves and the hustle and bustle of the fishermen make such an attractive picturesque setting that you will want to see it over and over again. And for this, nothing better than going out to sea and being a sailor for a day.

There are many marinas in Huelva which provide the perfect setting to get on board and have an adventure at sea. On the boat you'll discover the unbreakable thread that connects each of the Huelva coastal towns with their history. Go to any of the ports dotted along the coast and you'll discover the interesting range of services on offer, such as a full boat hire (for this you need to have a skipper licence); or go sailing with family or friends under the helm of an experienced captain who will enrich your journey with very interesting stories and anecdotes.

We give you some clues about the ports you can go to, so you can choose a specific experience or take a tour of each one of them and become a pro sailor. Don't miss Mazagón Marina, the first of its kind in Huelva; and others such as Ayamonte, Isla Cristina Marina; Marina Isla Canela; Marina el Rompido, right under the iconic lighthouse; the , the Royal Sailing Club of Huelva or El Terrón Marina, from where you can see the Río Piedras Marshes Nature Area and La Flecha de Nueva Umbría. 

Whichever port you choose, remember that it's best to set off nice and early. Don't forget to bring a coat, as the temperature in the middle of the immense blue sea has nothing to do with the temperature on the shore. A hat, sun cream and some drinks and food are also essential. 

If you want to become an advanced sailor, you can choose to hire a sailing boat and ask the skipper to teach you how to tie knots. There are so many and so complex knots that you will feel like Houdini! Or you can also get involved in the task of lowering the sails and stopping the engine. Go wherever the wind takes you! In the evening, the sea will offer you a different way of watching the sunset, with no limits other than the vast horizon. It's quite an experience!

Back on land and to round off the day, you won't be able to resist the leisure and gastronomy options that each of the suggested ports offers. You won't find fresher fish and shellfish than in Huelva, that's for sure!

Boat Trips and Sailing from the marinas of Huelva