Cabra del Santo Cristo

Cabra del Santo Cristo
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This village is situated to the south of the province, at the foothills of Sierra Mágina Mountains, in a landscape dominated by cereal fields, olive groves and fruit trees.

Within the town, we have to mention some monuments such as the Church of Expectación, La Casa Grande and The Mansion. Other resources of interest are the Interpretation Center of Photography Arturo Cerdá and old castle ruins, located in the neighboring hill of San Juan.


Its name refers to a painting of El Cristo de Burgos which is found here.

Some authors consider the village to be the Roman village of Vergilia.

Its history is connected with the Huelma area where the Marques de Santillana fought against the Arabs.

The Christian reconquest was led by King Fernando III in 1245.

Carlos I had it rebuilt in 1545.

There is an interesting white marble cross which was donated in 1638 by the people of Serón, in Almeria.

Cabra del Santo Cristo
Cabra del Santo Cristo
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Cabra del Santo Cristo
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