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Canyoning in the Garganta Verde

Garganta Verde

If you go canyoning in the Garganta Verde you enter beautiful gorge of the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve, right in the very heart of this area through a spectacular canyon. The ravine has everything it takes to leave you with indelible memories and incredible feelings. Does this description sound a little too epic? Perhaps, but what is certain is that a visit to this scenario will provide you with extraordinary images that will touch your very soul.

Located about 5 km from the town of Zahara de la Sierra, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Cádiz, Garganta Verde occupies a prominent position among the most iconic landscapes in the province and, of course, it is an obligatory stop for those who love canyoning and for anyone wishing to take their first steps in this tourist-sports modality.

The incredibly high, vertical walls, covered by lush vegetation, are what give it the name "Garganta Verde". And that is exactly what it is, because visitors will have the feel they are inside a natural throat with cliffs that can reach up to 400 metres high.

Carved out over thousands of years by the waters cascading down the Arroyo Bocaleones, the trail leads you through exceptional scenery. The bright light that is prevalent in Cádiz, the Mediterranean colours and the dipping flight of the griffon vulture, which has one of the largest colonies in Europe in this canyon, make descending the ravine an unforgettable experience.

The route includes a grotto of karstic origin, the Cueva de la Ermita or "Hermit's Cave", just one of the treasures that you will find when you go canyoning here. It is quite an experience just to get there as you need to employ all your techniques and skills to get past rocky riverbeds, 7- to 9-metre waterfalls, deep limestone walls, areas full of large rocks and narrow passageways where you will probably need to abseil. If there is enough water, because in summer it can be scarce, you will love sledging down the natural slides to end up in pools of crystal clear waters.

Canyoning is the key to accessing the secret heart of the mountain and enjoying an adventure where respect for and communion with nature are an essential feature. Lovers of adventure sports and contact with nature will find in La Garganta Verde a point of reference to which they will return again and again, because their spirit will always remain there.

Canyoning in the Garganta Verde