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Christmas with a difference all thanks to Rute's flavours and aromas

Let yourself be guided by the flavours and aromas of Rute's anisette, chocolate, nougat and marzipan, reliving the best memories of a typical Christmas at its museums.

In this feature we would like to offer you a journey filled with memories. A journey to a place in Andalusia, Rute, in the middle of Córdoba's Subbaetic System, where you will sow and reap memories of a typical Christmas through a sensorial route on which taste and smell are paramount.

And when we talk about Christmas, it is inevitable that many of us are hit with the magical sensation that would come over us when we were young during these festivities.

Those afternoons of endless games with Lego, dolls and chocolates, the Christmas lights that flooded the city streets, announcing the arrival of the magic of these festivities or the warmth of a fireplace while enjoying delicious chocolate nougat.

Many of us would give anything to recover some of the magic experienced during childhood and adolescence. Some of the intensity of the excitement our little ones feel now but… How would you like the sound of being able to go on a journey back to those times? To relive the past in the present with your loved ones?

Well, this is precisely the experience Rute has to offer, in the heart of Córdoba's Subbaetic mountain range, where we are inviting you on a journey in which the flavours and aromas of Christmas will take you back, even if only for a moment, to a typical Christmas, the one that lives in our memories.

It is amazing how with a single bite of an excellent chocolate nougat, thousands of childhood moments come hurtling back into our minds.

How a single glass of anisette, those dinners, conversations with friends and the warmth of the fireplace can be so moving.

And it appears that Rute would like to live in an eternal Christmas with its museums dedicated to anisette, nougat, marzipan, Spanish ham and chocolate, where every year the famous largest chocolate Nativity Scene in the world is made. Amazing.

This marvellous piece of art is the result of 4 months work by chocolate artisans who every year, by doing what they know best, attract thousands of travellers to the place known in Andalusia as Christmas city.

What can we say about the Sugar Museum, a place where sweets will dazzle you with enormous recreations of sugar cathedrals…

Or unique spots in Andalusia such as the Alhambra Lions Courtyard made out of sugar, the sweetest in all of Andalusia! Also including famous characters in the purest sugar Madame Tussauds style. Look at such delight!

You will enjoy the flavour of the finest Iberian ham at the city's Ham Museum .

The best Iberian pork products that are always found on the Christmas dinner table, with a single bite at this time of year of excellent acorn-fed Spanish ham those memories with family or friends instantly come to mind.

And naturally, anisette, the indisputable flavour of Christmas.

To speak of Rute's anisette is the same as referring to the essence of Andalusia together with that intense flavour of Córdoba's marvellous Subbaetic mountain range, where there is no warmer welcome than a glass of its star liqueur.

A glass of anisette, always a protagonist in Rute and as such, we should not forget its museum, where aromas, flavours, fairies and sweetness dwell in every corner of one of the most character-filled places in Andalusia.

Nostalgia for some and a beautiful reality for those whom Christmas brings the excitement of a child to life, year after year, as well as the best Christmas flavours and aromas that year after year will make us remember and enjoy the past and present. 


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