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Cordoba, its patios, fair and the best Montilla-Moriles wine

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A journey through the month when Cordoba decks itself out in flowers and dancing. A journey through the courtyards of Cordoba, its fair and tastings of the best D.O. Montilla-Moriles wines.

To argue that Cordoba is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, and in Spain, would be absurd. Its mosque-cathedral, its old quarter, the Roman bridge at dusk, palaces… an endless list of reasons to visit it. However, if there is one time of the year when the city is decked out in its finest, it is the month of May. Cordoba May.

A month when you can already begin to feel summer in the city; let us say that the city —rather than decking itself out— is decked out by nature. Both it and its courtyards. Its beautiful courtyards.

Beautiful oases of colour, coolness and the scent of flowers.

It is no surprise that they have been declared World Heritage. The harmony amongst their different types of geraniums, hydrangeas, freesias, climbing plants and endless flowers smothering dozens of spots in the city are a delight for the senses of those who visit them.

Neighbourhoods such as the Alcázar Viejo, between the Alcázar and the parish church of San Basilio, the Jewish quarter, the area around the Mosque-Cathedral or the Viana Palace are ideal places for enjoying them.

During the first half of May, the well-known Patios competition takes place; it is a good time to visit the city as this is when they are at their most magnificent for this event, which has been held in the city every year since 1921.

Furthermore, also during May, there are numerous folk performances with the best dancers and singers in the region. And, as you would expect, all accompanied by the best Montilla-Moriles wine–100% local dry wine, with its designation of origin and which must be tasted.

Along with oil, Los Pedroches cured meats and vinegars, Montilla-Moriles D.O. wine is one of the star products from the province of Cordoba.

Dry wine, Oloroso, Amontillado, Cream, Pedro Ximénez, young white wine and, of course, organic wines, where the main variety is the Pedro Ximénez white wine. Wines for all tastes come together in Cordoba from the end of April to early May with tastings all over the city arranged by more than 20 wineries.

And we cannot leave May without visiting the Cordoba Fair, where the city decks itself out for festivities and flamenco music begins to sound.

Horseback riders, gypsies and flamenco dancers gather in the many public marquees in the fairground where there is free admission and no end of fun.

Its origin, like that of the vast majority of fairs in Andalusia, goes back to the old livestock fairs in the city, which still continue today, in the form of a festival: streets full of carriages drawn by horses...

Flamenco costumes, Spanish dancing music

Good tapas, a great "rebujito"–drink made from sherry and lemonade, the aforementioned Montilla-Morilés wine and, of course, its façade. Spectacular.

In short, May, Cordoba month par excellence, where the city is decked out to receive visitors with the scent of flowers, flamenco dancing and the best local wine street by street. An unbeatable suggestion…

Cordoba, its patios, fair and the best Montilla-Moriles wine
Córdoba (Córdoba)

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