Gruta del Pontón

Gruta del Pontón
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The Pontón stream runs near the Fuensanta Shine in Corcoya. The characteristic thing about this stream is not its depth, but rather the small and spectacular Gruta del Pontón, which shows at one of its sections the result of the union between the two slopes that attempt to stop the stream.

This cave is a natural area of great beauty, given both its structure and surrounding vegetation.

Legend has it that in 1579, the Virgin of Fuensanta joined both sides of the mountain range so a mother and her seriously ill child could visit the doctor in Alameda. As such, a passage was miraculously formed where the two slopes meet, providing a way from one side to the other.

This cave can be seen on the trail that runs from Badolatosa and ends at the Nuestra Señora de La Fuensanta Shrine. This trail is around 9 kilometres in length and of low difficulty. Along it, you can see some very beautiful parts of these municipalities: the Meander of the Genil River, Sierra de la Cabrera Mountains and the Gruta del Pontón itself. The best time of year to take on this trail, named the Embalse de Malpasillo- Ermita de la Fuensanta, is autumn or spring.

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Gruta del Pontón
Camino Prolongación Calle Fuensanta, 41599
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