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Doñana, an ornithological paradise

Doñana aves

Like an ornithological hinge between Europe and Africa, Doñana is one of the most important nature reserves on the entire European continent. More than 7,000 hectares with enormous environmental value, distributed between the provinces of Seville, Huelva and Cádiz, and home to a rich, varied and unique ecosystem.

If there are reasons to make Doñana a truly special enclave, these are the wealth and diversity of the birdlife. This National Park is an area of vital importance for thousands of migratory birds and a true ornithological paradise where, during the winter months, many of these animals find a place of passage and refuge and where they can breed. As many as 200 different species of birds have been counted, although the most outstanding, both for their abundance and beauty, are undoubtedly the aquatic birds. 

Many of these unique birds, geese, flamingos, glossy ibises and black storks, rest freely in the marshes, where they find food in abundance. Birds of prey also live here that stalk the skies in the reserve, including the black kite and the iconic Iberian imperial eagle. 

An extraordinary, stunning landscape for nature lovers

The enormous attraction of all these birds makes Doñana an ideal destination for photographers and bird watchers. Just watching flocks of birds in flight, at the first light of day, is an extraordinary experience that is simply not to be missed.

This natural area is not only an ideal place to watch birds, Doñana is also home to a great variety of land mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Some of these species are endemic and can only be found in this vast territory of the Lower Guadalquivir. You should look out for the Iberian lynx, which can usually be seen at dusk when it goes out in search of prey.

Doñana is open for travellers and visitors at all times of the year and it is different and stunning in each season. The great diversity of landscape —wetlands, dunes, pine forests and scrubland— constitute a spectacular geographical area that the most active travellers will be able to discover by hiking along the designated routes. You can also tour this natural area in 4x4 vehicles or you can book excursions and guided tours in any of the numerous visitor centres. 

Doñana, an ornithological paradise