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Dusk on a bicycle through Lantejuela, Osuna

Turismo activo atardecer en bicicleta por la Lantejuela de Osuna.JPG

Beautiful and entertaining, 18 kilometre cycling route along typical landscapes of the Sevillian countryside from Oruna to the Lantejuela lakes at dusk.

One of the more fun alternatives of active tourism that can be done in Osuna is the cycling route that links Osuna with the Lantejuela lakes. Below, we will show you a short, 18 kilometre route which lovers of two wheels, photography and nature landscapes will enjoy.

Large expanses of countryside, trails flanked by farmland and entertaining sandstone paths which will take you zigzagging through landscapes such as this.

A beautiful route, easy, perfect for going on at any time of the year and ideal for riding in spring and if it is at dusk...even better.

The experience of seeing the sun in the middle of the countryside is sensational.

As the sun goes down, the sun will turn the fields gold and the sky will give us the best colours among hundreds of hectares of cereals and olive trees that will make you feel like dwarfs.

In short, one of the most fun routes, full of landscapes, spectacular sunsets and some lakes which you will find as a final touch on the 18 kilometre path that will encourage you to pedal for each meter you progress on one of the best alternatives of active tourism which Osuna offers.

Dusk on a bicycle through Lantejuela, Osuna
Lantejuela, Osuna (Sevilla)

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