History and origins of flamenco

In a quick exercise of imagination we could be transported to Arabic Spain, since the modulations and melisimas that define the flamenco genre could come from the monochord Islamic chants.

Others attribute the creation of this music to gypsies, a people from India who up until recently were believed to be Egyptians and scattered throughout Europe due to their nomadic condition. They entered Spain at the beginning of the XV century, in search of climates, warmer than those they had found on the continent. The different musical legacies that the relatives from Andalucia left in the South of Spain can not be forgotten, where psalmodic melodies and the Jewish musical system, were in effect, the Ionic and Phrygian methods inspired in the Byzantine chants, the old Hindu musical system, the Muslim chants and popular Mozarabic chants, from where the 'jarchas' and the 'zambras' probably came from.

Without passing judgement on which theory is stronger -there are others but with less acceptance- what can be assured is that, flamenco song was born of the people, it has obvious folk music roots and on passing through the throats of specific creators has become an indisputable art.

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