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Between the towns of Cúllar, Huéscar and Orce, you'll find Galera, in a territory rich in prehistoric archaeological sites and the culture of the Iberian people.

The district of Galera houses one of the interesting Iberian burial sites in Andalusia, that of Tutugi dating from the 6th and 5th centuries BC.

This unique village features the church of La Anunciación, which preserves a significant Mudéjar coffered ceiling; there are many cave-houses which maintain the traditional characteristics of this area.


Important archaeological sites of Iberian, Argárico, and Roman origin have been found. The Town Hall displays Roman tombstones with the old name of this town: Tutugi engraved on them.
It was conquered in 1230 by Jiménez de Rada, archbishop of Toledo, but later regained by the Muslims. It was eventually conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1488.
During the War of the Alpujarras, it was under Muslim rule, since most of the inhabitants were of Muslim origin. The Marquis of Vélez tried to take Galera, but he failed. It was in 1570 when D. Juan de Austria in revenge destroyed and covered it in salt. Later it was inhabited by people from Levante, Castile and la Mancha.
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