A Journey to the Stars

A Journey to the Stars
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Our trips offer a new way of discovering the universe.

A gift that is out of this world. One of our astronomers will guide you on several tours to discover various celestial bodies, from  nearby stars to distant galaxies, completing the  observation with exciting information about each section of the route, with the help of models and visual aids. 

Our tours are a bit more special than traditional observations, as they help to create more vivid feelings and long-lasting memories

You will be able to take home a video of the trip as a souvenir, with the places you have travelled to and photos of you under the starry skies. An experience you will never forget!

Choose your route from the offers you will find on the pages of the following catalogue. You can also choose one of our recommended outings to round off your trip. 

If you want background music, just let us know, although the site has the natural soundtrack of the breeze, crickets and the occasional barn owl.

Private activity. Minimum booking price €250. Up to 8 people. €55 per person.
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01/01/2024 - 31/12/2024

Private activity. Minimum booking price €250. Up to 8 people. €55 per person.

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A Journey to the Stars
Llano del Cocón, Polígono 3, Los Coloraos Astronomical Complex, Parcela 31, 18890
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