Carmen de los Geranios - Centro Cultural Max Moreau

Carmen de los Geranios - Centro Cultural Max Moreau
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Situated in Granada, in the heart of the Albaicín, the Carmen de los Geranios - Max Moreau Culture Centre is a simple building that still keeps its Islamic structure. It comprises a house and a terraced garden, of Roman origin and following the Moorish tradition. El Carmen is a garden and also a vegetable garden. It is a place of production and enjoyment.

To the left there is an exhibition room, where the works of the Belgian painter are usually on display, but there are also other works by artists invited to El Carmen as part of the “Art Spaces” cultural project.

The second building, on the right, is the artist's personal library. This is a private and simple spot where we can see what he used to read, and find part of Max Moreau's oeuvre (he wrote the ballet "The Wolf and the Lamb", the poetry book "The Lyrical Apothecary" and premiered the tragicomedy "Tutus").

In the background we find the artist's studio, which has been preserved exactly as he left it. The piano with his sheet music, the collection of oriental objects that he took around the world with him; close to the window, the easel that his father gave him, and much more.

The ground floor is a journey through the biography of Max Moreau, with information retrieved from a large amount of photos that tell us of his training, travels, family and friends. It shows his connection with Granada, with the private universe of Los Cármenes houses in the Albayzín district.

COVID 19 restrictions may change the hours we are open or we may be closed. We recommend you phone us to confirm.

Free admission

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 1.30pm and 4 to 6pm. (In summer, afternoons 5 to 7pm).

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Carmen de los Geranios - Centro Cultural Max Moreau
Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás, 12, 18010
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