Palacio de los Olvidados - Museo de la Inquisición

Palacio de los Olvidados - Museo de la Inquisición
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Located in the city of Granada, the cultural area of the Palacio de los Olvidados (Palace of the Forgotten) was given this unusual name because of the coat of arms on the building which had to be deleted by the family who lived here when they converted to Christianity after the conquest and the Edict of Granada.

The building's two floors house a number of different objects that give us a vision of life in the Sephardic community in Granada: their situation in the face of the Inquisition, the role of women in their culture, their rites, customs and symbols, it also mentions important Jews like Samuel ibn Nagrelay, Moisés ibn Ezra and Yehuda ibn Tibbon.

It is also the venue for a great number of cultural activities associated with Sephardic world.

General admission €6. Pensioners and students €5.

Monday to Sunday, 10.30am to 8pm.

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Palacio de los Olvidados - Museo de la Inquisición
Cuesta de Santa Inés, 6, 18010
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