Palace of Nasrid of Zafra

Palace of Nasrid of Zafra
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At some time during the 14th century, the Palace of Nasrid of Zafra was built. Its actual time of construction is unknown, but due to its formal, typological and decorative features, it is thought to be from this period. During the 15th century of the reign of Nasrid, the house was reformed, adding a top floor.

The Palace of Nasrid of Zafra is located in the Albaicín neighbourhood in Granada, an urban space which, although today it extends to the San Miguel hills, during Moorish times (at least until the beginning of the 14th century) it was divided into different neighbourhoods and independent suburbs.

The Palace of Nasrid of Zafra owes its name to the fact that it was donated by Hernando of Zafra, along with other properties, and from 1527, it has formed part of the the Convent of Dominican nuns of Saint Catherine of Sena, also known as the Convent of Zafra. The house remained part of the convent until the Granada City Council purchased it in 1946.

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Palace of Nasrid of Zafra
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