House of Diego Pérez Pascual

House of Diego Pérez Pascual
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The House of Diego Pérez Pascual is located on the street of the same name.

This house identifies the bourgeois architecture of Isla Cristina with the sea industries in the last third of the 19th century. It has a cannon embedded in the façade whose purpose, it seems, was to protect the corner of the passage of carriages, since until 1921 when the service was released of trucks for transporting fish was done on the back of cavalry or with carriages.

It also has the best preserved and almost unique viewpoint of flag that remain in Isla Cristina, is the most characteristic of the property, it is stands on its roof, is shaped like a throne and was used for the owner of the house sighted the fishing cargo of their boats, so they could give the signal necessary to his cannery to get it up and running.

Currently, Diego Pérez Pascual's house has been converted into a pub open to the public.

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House of Diego Pérez Pascual
Calle Diego Pérez Pascual, 21410
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