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Jerez de la Frontera and 6 suggestions that will make a visit to it irresistible

Jerez de la Frontera

Its sherry, gastronomy, the marvellous royal equestrian school and its shows, flamenco taverns that will thrill you, a very relaxing experience and another one amongst bees like real bee-keepers. That's Jerez and we encourage you to discover these experiences!

Making the most of the fact that, for the year 2014, Jerez de la Frontera has been chosen as the European Wine Capital, we travelled to the Cadiz town to portray 6 experiences that we're sure will encourage you to visit one of the towns with the most tradition in Andalusia.

Throughout this report, we encourage you to visit a town that is full of light, where the friendliness of the people echoes through its streets, where a good glass of wine in one of its many and excellent restaurants never goes amiss and where, of course, we can't forget that the horse world, flamenco and the world of motor-racing are... a true delight! We'll introduce them to you

A tour and wine-tasting at one of its "bodegas"

Jerez is a city of wine. Wines with no more and no less than 3000 years of history that establish them as the oldest in Spain. Visiting Jerez and missing a tour of any of the many sherry bodegas in Jerez... is just unacceptable!

Attend a flamenco show

Jerez is considered one of the cradles of flamenco in Spain and Andalusia. From this city, great dancers and guitarists of much renown in the world of show business have been born. Feeling the vibrations of a good flamenco show to the rhythm of clapping, guitars and stamping is one of those things that you can't miss on a visit to Jerez.

A night at the Royal School of Equestrian Art

In Jerez, we can also presume to have some of the best thoroughbred horses in the world. The spectacular livestock of the Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre (Royal School of Equestrian Art) is famous all over the world. Numerous Olympic, World and European prizes fill the showcases for horses and jockeys at this school that exhibits its good work at wonderful shows that we fully recommend you visit if you want to be amazed.

Become a bee-keeper for a day

Probably one of the least-known things to do in the city of Jerez and, without a doubt, one of the most fun and highly recommended for doing with the family. A day at the Rancho Cortesano will certainly be an unforgettable experience. It's not everyday that one dresses as a bee-keeper and is surrounded by bees that you can see making honey right in front of you, is it?

You won't believe your eyes at a cooking show

One of the peculiarities of the marvellous gastronomy of Jerez is the influence of the city's sherry on dishes that are made with the best produce from the Sierra de Cadiz and the coast. Imagine what a mixture. Through this report, we invite you to discover recipes soaked in sherry and we invite you to experience a cooking show at one of the best restaurants in Jerez, where you will be cooked dishes soaked in the wine of Jerez - sherry - right in front of your eyes.

Experience the speed of the race track

Every year, the world of racing attracts thousands of people to one of the best race tracks in the world. Exactly - the Circuito de Jerez. A day at the Jerez race track is another of those experiences that no racing fan can miss, not only for the roar of the engines but also for the atmosphere and the spectacular layout of the track.

A romantic supper and relaxation with views of the cathedral

And if all of these ideas seem too lively or you would perhaps prefer something a little more intimate to do as a couple, we're going to go to the Hamman Andalusí, very near the cathedral of Jerez, where we suggest an afternoon of relaxation and massages in its marvellous thermal and contrast baths and a beautiful supper with views on the upper terrace of the hamman.

A visit to Jerez sounds good... or doesn't it?

Jerez de la Frontera and 6 suggestions that will make a visit to it irresistible
Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)