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5 reasons to go on a yoga retreat in Andalusia

Yoga en las montañas

Why you should practise yoga on a retreat There are many ways to enjoy yoga and in Andalusia you'll find some fantastic options where you can immerse yourself in a spiritual journey for five simple reasons:

  1. Benefits for your body

Practising yoga strengthens your bones and makes your muscles more flexible while toning them and shaping your figure. Exercise improves your immune system as well as helping you to control your breathing. Want to put your body to the test? Surround yourself with waves and yoga by travelling to Cádiz and the Conil Surf & Yoga retreat on the Costa de la Luz. A perfect combination. 

  1. Benefits for your mind

You'll discover that the relaxation that comes with practising yoga will relieve stress and even combat insomnia. Plus, it will help you to control other aspects like anger and anxiety. Take a breather and come to Granada for a yoga holiday where you will be the protagonist.

  1. You'll discover mindfulness

The full awareness of living in the here and now, simplifying the moment, being conscious of and truly living everything around you, and increasing your well-being and happiness. Giving importance to little things and your lived experience will help you to value them.

  1. You'll connect with nature

Most of the retreats in Andalusia take place in the countryside, where the views and the sounds of forests and fields make for a very different yoga practice from the one you might experience in a city. You'll be able to enjoy rural tourism and find peace in Cazorla at yoga retreats like El Cantalar. 

  1. Make new friends

And, last but not least, at a yoga retreat you'll connect with new people looking for the same thing as you: the connection between body and soul. 

5 reasons to go on a yoga retreat in Andalusia