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Legendary mountain passes

Puertos de montaña míticos

The wind in your face, the greatest effort, the speed of the descent, skidding on the sharpest curves... enjoy your favourite sport while taking in the best views! Can you imagine cycling up to the highest and most spectacular peaks in Andalusia, where the winners of great tours have been crowned? We would like to invite you to cycle through some of the many legendary mountain passes in the region and enjoy every curve on your bike.

First, our geography offers you the highest route in the Peninsula: the ascent to the Veleta peak (Granada). 

Quite a challenge for those cyclists who set their eyes on the highest peaks and want to enjoy the breathtaking views of this natural area, with its steep curves and the exceptional environment of Sierra Nevada. You will be able to enjoy unique spots, where cyclist, bike and nature become one.

If you still have energy for more, you can go on a route that offers you 11 spectacular kilometres, with a gradient of 8% and 180-degree curves. This stage takes you to the spectacular summit of Velefique, in Almería. This route is only suitable for experienced cyclists, because the ascent is so strenuous that you will be have to give it your all.

Do you still have any strength left? Well, don't hesitate then: the ascent to the Pandera in Valdepeñas de Jaén is your next stop. A 900-metre elevation gain, concentrated in just 12 kilometres. Come on, give it a go! This route requires good physical condition, as it has slopes of up to a 30% gradient. When you reach the top your effort will be rewarded: the immensity of its views will allow you to enjoy exceptional beauty in the interior of the province of Jaén. Please note that part of its descent is steep and rocky, although after a few kilometres it becomes a path between pine forests that is somewhat simpler and more pleasant.


Tough mountain conditions

The proposed routes stand out for their beauty, but also for their difficulty and desire to excel, to emulate our heroes. Therefore, we must take into account a series of recommendations that will allow us to enjoy them safely.

It is essential to check the weather forecast and adapt our equipment, bring water and food, choose the right times, plan the route or preview the route. These little details will help us make our ride an unforgettable experience... legendary!

Legendary mountain passes