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Malaga: an accessible city you can discover as a family

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Travelling with children, especially if they have special needs, calls for certain provisions. Malaga has proven it is a highly open and welcoming city for tourism without barriers. Visit with your family and you'll see.

You've just landed at Malaga Airport and you're getting ready to enjoy a few days with your kids in the capital of the Costa del Sol. If any of your children suffer from a disability, or you do yourself, don't worry: you're in the right place. Why? Because there is a series of facilities aimed at your specific needs (children, teenagers and adults) as well as architectural spaces, both public and private, that avoid physical barriers. They allow for inclusive leisure options that can be enjoyed by all. Accessibility is a vital requirement to avoid exclusion. Let's take a look at a day in an accessible holiday in Malaga.

Beach, park and promenade without barriers

The best thing is that you can choose to relax on the beach, stroll around the park, head to a natural space or visit any of the many museums that comprise the city's cultural options. Have you chosen the beach? At Misericordia and El Dedo you will find an acoustic device that aims to facilitate the movement of individuals with a visual disability. There is signage and Braille indications, adapted toilets and showers, as well as other specific services for people with reduced mobility.

The zone known as Palmeral de las Sorpresas - if you want to go for a walk around Malaga's port area - is a great place to visit with kids. However, it is possible that they then won't want to leave the parks: they have mechanical features that are accessible and fun and imaginative games where sensory elements are ever-present.

Exhibitions and tours for all

Following the Palmeral promenade you can easily reach Malaga's Pompidou Centre. Adapted to inclusive tourism - it has ramps, lifts and disabled toilets - it offers activities for people with visual impairments (Eyes Wide Shut, a guided tour enabling you to discover the permanent collection of contemporary art) and free audio-guides in addition to a space dedicated to children.

Furthermore, there is a monument tour classed as accessible, which includes points of interest you can visit in the city (the old Félix Sáenz Warehouses, the Bank of Spain, Casa del Consulado, Casa del Jardinero and Génova Fountain in Plaza de la Constitución).

This is not the only accessible tour for all the family if you are spending the day in Malaga. There's more, as there are tours designed for people with sensory difficulties, reduced mobility and intellectual disabilities. These tours reveal aspects related to botany, as well as commerce and culture in the city. There is audiovisual material for users of Spanish sign language (LSE) and subtitled materials that complement the necessary information, guaranteeing communication and accessibility.

Accessibility in relaxation

However, after a very busy day you will feel like relaxing and you should do so correctly. If you are in Malaga with your family, you will be interested to know that there are adapted hotels in the city centre. These include the minimalist Ibis Budget, which has a highly optimal signage system, in addition to three rooms adapted for guests with disabilities, meaning this is a welcoming establishment for people with particular needs.

Malaga: an accessible city you can discover as a family
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