El Arco de San Lorenzo

El Arco de San Lorenzo
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The entrance arch of San Lorenzo is the only element left standing by the disappeared Franciscan convent of San Lorenzo. Its construction is due to the foundation of the female order that was installed in the Convent of Santa Clara, by order of Catalina Fernández de Córdoba, upon entering her own sister, María Jesús de Luna.

It was an essential place not only for the order of San Francisco, but for the Solanists until 1794 they had to abandon it due to important conservation problems. Although there are few elements that remain ‘in situ’, the truth is that these are reminiscent of the language of Hernán Ruiz I. Embellished the cover of the shield of the Marquises of Priego, currently in the Local Historical Museum. In this convent San Francisco Solano entered for the novitiate when he entered the Franciscan order, although his formation was with the Jesuits, coinciding with the stay of San Juan de Ávila in Montilla.
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El Arco de San Lorenzo
Calle Batalla de Garellano, 14550
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