Pino Centenario Parador de Mazagón

Pino Centenario Parador de Mazagón
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Located on the Huelva coast, close to the town of Mazagón, set on the Asperillo fossil dunes, is the Parador de Mazagón Ancient Pine Tree Natural Monument.

This is a huge, extremely beautiful stone pine. It is unusual for its twisted trunk and horizontal branches that give it the look of a creeper. These two qualities are unusual in a species that is usually tall with an umbrella-shaped canopy.

This species is not too demanding when it comes to environmental conditions; it adapts well to the Mediterranean climate, with long periods of heat and lack of water, and tends to take root in sandy soil, low in nutrients. Its adaptability and esteemed fruit, the pine nut, led this species to be heavily re-planted, in projects started in the 18th century and which continued more intensely in the second half of the 20th century. The original vegetation of this area of coast comprised juniper, Spanish juniper, gorse, Portuguese crowberry, Mediterranean aromatic scrub, etc. This site is, therefore, a faithful witness to the transformations carried out on the environment by mankind, drastically modifying the physiognomy of the landscape over history.

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Pino Centenario Parador de Mazagón

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01 / 10 / 2003

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