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Nerja Cave, a unique tour around the Cathedral of the Costa del Sol

La Cueva de Nerja una visita diferente por la Catedral de la Costa del Sol (22).JPG

Enjoy a tour of Nerja Cave, known as the "Cathedral of the Costa del Sol”, led by Miguel Joven, star of popular Spanish TV series Verano Azul (Blue Summer), on an exclusive visit that is sure to astound you.

Imagine being surrounded by 200 million years of history. Imagine a place that has been a cradle of human evolution, a place full of incredible formations emanating from the floor and ceiling, dazzling and humbling you with their majesty.

We invite you on a journey to another world, through an exclusive guided tour of Nerja Cave that is completely different from how the tours were run 55 years ago.

The tour described below is an experience through the silence and secrets of the cave by way of its enormous chambers of up to 40 metres in height.

Giant spaces stretching for hundreds of metres where silence reigns supreme. Absolute silence. It truly is a realm of silence and this exclusive tour, with no large groups, is the only way to see aspectacular part of the cave system that is off limits to those taking the general tour.

On this special tour, you'll discover many geological formations and curiosities in the cave that people visiting under normal admission never get to see. However, during this tour, we stop off at all the cave's secret and most curious features, which are many...

Did you know there are cave paintings inside? and musical instruments? Animal bones thousands of years old?

However many times you visit a place like this, you'll always spot something new. You'll always see something different, something you hadn't noticed before.

Nerja Cave is a truly special place, a shrine to Mother Nature.

A special place that is like visiting another planet, another world. Visiting a place like this is the closest thing to riding on a spaceship, landing on another planet and exploring it.

And that's precisely how the 5 boys felt , of between 14 and 17 years of age, who discovered the cave when they climbed down into a hole without even realising such places existed and suddenly found themselves surrounded by this fabulous wonder, just as you will be when you visit.

As you can see, this silent, leisurely tour has all the elements to make your visit to Nerja Cave a truly unforgettable and fascinating experience.

Nerja Cave, a unique tour around the Cathedral of the Costa del Sol
Nerja (Málaga)