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One day on the Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey (22)

Do you want to follow one of the most spectacular routes in the world? Come with us to the Caminito de Rey, in the province of Malaga.

In the presence of the Guadalhorce River, leaving the village of Ardales with the town of El Chorro as the finish line, in the heart of Malaga province, we find the Caminito del Rey. One of the most spectacular paths in the world where you can enjoy a route that lasts an hour and a half along the 7.7 kilometres of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.

For the visitor to get an idea, the Caminito del Rey is a series of wooden walkways hanging over empty space at a height of 300 metres.

Some parts of the gorge are barely 10 metres wide and there are other parts where the views are simply spectacular.

Being able to walk along the Caminito del Rey is one of the most incredible experiences that a traveller can have in Andalusia without a doubt.

This trail, which is barely 1 m wide and clings to the walls of the canyon, was built around 1905 due to the El Chorro Hydroelectricity Company's need to connect the Gaitanejo and Salto del Chorro waterfalls.

After the work, King Alfonso XIII went to the area, in 1921, to inaugurate such spectacular work, not without exploring the way that had been built to connect both points.

From that time on, the locals began to call the place "Caminito del Rey” (king's pathway). As we can see, the name continues to be used today.

Over time, its progressive inaccessibility and lack of maintenance meant the place deteriorated to the point of become practically inaccessible for most visitors.

And we say "most” as the spot gradually became an attraction for climbers from all over the world who decided to follow the path crossing holes and enormous drops that came up again and again along the route.

The danger made the path one of the most famous areas in Europe for climbing and getting thrills.

Over the years, the area became a real legend for the world of climbing and hundreds of climbers came to the area in search of an adventure that on countless occasions ended up with an accident, impossible rescue missions or, even worse, death.

Consequently, as of February 2014, work began on restoring the path and, today, now opened, all kinds of public can enjoy one of the most spectacular areas in Andalusia with 100% safety.

With our helmets on —as we mustn't forget that we are going along a cliff— and below the attentive gaze of the many birds that live there, we will follow this famous route where we can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Andalusia. You’ll love it.


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One day on the Caminito del Rey
Ardales, El Chorro.