Capilla de las Angustias

Capilla de las Angustias
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History tells us that the Moors attacked the village of Palma del Río in the year 1483 via the north gate. The defenders chose to burn that arched gateway and thus prevent the Muslim troops from entering the village. Victory was declared and everyone took to calling the scene of the triumph the Arquito Quemado ("Burned Arch"). Ms Francisca Manrique then saw to it that the protective statue of the Virgen de las Angustias was placed inside the tower. And so a unique space with Palma del Río toponymy was born. In time, it would come to be known as Angustias Chapel.

In the 18th century, a small Baroque chapel was constructed inside the tower, using pendentives and a cupola. Four niches covered with a vault form the sides. There is a staircase at the side.

There was a painting of the Virgin de las Angustias hanging at the altar for centuries, and it is here that the novena and 'velá' in honour of said Virgin would take place.

According to visits established by the Tourist Office. Please consult.

Free entrance.

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Capilla de las Angustias
Plaza del Arquito Quemado, s/n, 14700
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