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Located on José Aparicio Street in Ronda, Malaga, at the crossroads between Plaza de España and the bullring, means going on a blind date with fine cuisine, as its Manager, Benito Gómez, seeks perfection and adventure in each one of his gastronomic creations. Hand in hand with the chef Benito Gómez, with one Michelin star, designs dishes which are not what they seem, and whose real meaning is discovered when tasting them.

The diners who sit at any of his tables will not know the menu until the very moment at which the meal is served. This is because that days' creations will depend on local produce available on the market and the season.

Two tasting menus are available: a short and long, with highly elaborate dishes with nuances, and names as attractive as: cold soup with beet, orange and galangal; cotton with golden eggs; bonbon with payoyo cheese, green bean juice with ham and peppermint; frozen pipirrana of bouchots; shoulder of rabbit with cephalopods; frozen tablet of Calvados and apple water, among others. Countless flavours and sensations that are accompanied by the best wines and desserts.

A good opportunity, without a doubt, for the most demanding palates to explore a world of nuances, and new and adventurous flavours, details at the table, and of course, excellent cuisine.

However, advance booking is recommended.

Furthermore, Benito Gómez has another restaurant, which is said to be his “pampered child”, Tragatá Restaurant.

From Tuesday to Sunday (at noon) from 12 to 4:30 pm. and from 8 to 11:30 pm.

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Calle José Aparicio, 1, 29400
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