Torre del Agua

Torre del Agua
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In Segura de la Sierra and on the north side of the hill of its Castle, the Water Tower is a rectangular Moorish building made of mud and masonry, which is of Almoravid or, more likely, Almohad origin. It has just three sides, given that the back is closed off by the rock itself. Its form is slightly conical, and from the inside a gradual reduction of the walls' thickness is observable from a height.

The tower's base is of greater density, with an opening made in the mid-16th century. Originally it was devoid of any entrance or other openings, as its function was apparently only to collect and store water which was gathered from higher up. Currently the ground of the interior is covered with vegetation, but according to chronicles there existed a well, enclosed by a large slab, discovered when extracting successive levels stone and mortar. Reference has also been made to a staircase carved in the rock, which ran down from the fortress to the upper part of the tower. These steps were visible until recently, but currently have disappeared.

Since the initial centuries of the Moorish period we have scarce and contradictory information about "Saqura", considered by some authors as a hisn or fortified site and by others as a medina or city. Its foundation can be dated to between the Roman era and 9th century, though we also lack archaeological or written data prior to that century.

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Torre del Agua
Cerro del Castillo, 23379
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