Hospital del Pozo Santo

Hospital del Pozo Santo
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Almost unknown to the ordinary citizens of Seville, the Hospital del Pozo Santo is located in the square with the same name, in Seville, where it was founded in 1667 by the Third Order of Saint Francis dedicated to the Santísimo Cristo de los Dolores.

Its name comes from the square where it stands, whose origins lie in a curious myth that the virgin saved a child from drowning in a well that was in this very place. It is a long, narrow building opening onto five courtyards that illuminate the interior spaces. The rooms of the hospital stand alongside the first gallery, corresponding to the façade on the Calle Atienza, the most unusual in the complex.

The church has a nave divided into four sections covered by a barrel vault, with rib arches and lunettes. The jack arched doorway is flanked by Tuscan columns crowned with a divided pediment which leads to an alcove which houses a cross. The first courtyard opens onto the doorway leading to the Plaza del Pozo Santo and has two floors with semicircular arches over Tuscan columns. The main façade is divided by pilasters and has three floors which become four and an attic of semicircular arches between pilasters on the façade facing the Calle Atienza, forming a tower at the corner.

€3 (groups with a minimum of 15 people).

Every day, 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm. Please note, visits should be arranged by telephone.

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Hospital del Pozo Santo
Plaza del Pozo Santo, 1, 41003
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