Real Monasterio de San Leandro

Real Monasterio de San Leandro
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The Real Monasterio de San Leandro is located in the historical centre of the city, in an area of great importance in the old town of Seville and belongs to the order of the Agustinas Ermitañas, founded in 1369

The building has an almost quadrangular floor plan, with three exterior façades. The convent is accessed through the Plaza de San Ildefonso.

The cloister, also called the "large patio" or "central patio", has a rhomboid structure, with a double gallery. In the centre of the patio there is a fountain, with a central bowl.

Around the cloister you will find the convent's main facilities, the church and the lower choir, the interior sacristy, the chapter house, the refectory and the abbess's office.

The current church, built at the end of the 16th century, has a box structure, with upper and lower choirs at its feet.

The main altar piece is an 18th-century Baroque piece by Duque Cornejo. It is coated in light tones and presided over by an image of San Leandro, Archbishop of Seville, surrounded by reliefs of San Agustín and the life of Jesus, 16th-century works by Jerónimo Hernández.

One of the main features is the San Juan Bautista altarpiece, a work by Martínez Montañés, above which there is a head of San Juan, the baptism of Jesus and the Virgen de la Granada, highly venerated by the community and a 16th-century work by Jerónimo Hernández.

There is a ceramic plate recalling that this church is the burial place of Nicolás Monardes Alfaro a universal Sevillian who introduced American medical science into Europe.

The main feature of the Real Monasterio de San Leandro is the area consisting of the corner between the Calle Zamudio and the Plaza de San Ildefonso, known as "Del Obrador". This is where you will find the facilities used for the manufacture of the famous typical sweets made by this convent and known as "Las Yemas de San Leandro", around a patio denominated as San José.

Eucharist: Weekdays at 7.30am, Saturdays at 8am, Sundays and public holidays at 1pm. Opening hours: weekdays from 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm.

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Real Monasterio de San Leandro
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