Casa de Salinas

Casa de Salinas
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The location of Casa de Salinas is absolutely privileged, as it is in the heart of the densest monumental area of Seville, an area that is also the most representative and best preserved in the historical city centre. Its elevated position has kept it safe from rising river levels that have historically flooded Seville. 

A 16th-century mansion house, built under the influence of the Renaissance experienced by Seville when it was the most important metropolis in Europe as it was the bridgehead for traffic to and from America, it is located in the area frequented by the most important traders in the city, the longest-established families and the most well-to-do.

The Casa de Salinas is of great artistic and monumental value and is a genuine example of a major Sevillian house. This house could be included among those already mentioned in 1547 as a symptom of the modernisation of housing in Seville, as it stands around a patio with a double gallery over marble columns and plateresque decorations that are completely within the classic Renaissance taste, that has its only expression in Andalusia.

The current proportions of the house and most of its architectural features date from 1577 onwards, when it became the property of the Jaén Roelas family in whose possession it remained for over three hundred years At the end of the 19th century it was acquired by Eduardo Ybarra who undertook considerable refurbishment and redecoration in the style of the period. Eduardo Ybarra added a large number of tiles from the Mensaque factory (Triana), a mosaic with a Bacchus theme, found in Italica and dated to the 2nd century A.D., as well as a sculpture of the Virgen de los Remedios in white marble from the convent of the same name (both pieces can be found in the third or "garden" patio). He also added the stained-glass windows, manufactured by Pickman, and that stand in the upper dining room and the main patio. The Salinas family, who are the current owners, initiated a careful restoration of the original elements while preserving the best of what has been added since the house was built.

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Casa de Salinas
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