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The best dog parks in Seville

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Run, jump, play, practise sport… and cool off in a swimming pool. Time flies in parks for dogs, they're so much fun! We'll find the best there are in the province of Seville where you can take your pet

It was 1994, in Seville, when the first edition of the Dog Fair took place. Among the parks for dogs, the Parque del Alamillo had always been a pioneer, opening its gates to pets just one year before which meant that it became the venue for this event. The idea was to provide good education for pets and to promote responsible and civic behaviour on the part of the owners, who in the 2001 edition of the event even had their own competition, where they could show how attached they were to their dogs and how well they knew them.

Progress as regards living with our best friends has been spectacular… but even then there was a certain awareness regarding the benefits of sharing a place for rest recreation. This has led to a proliferation of parks where pets, our dear friends, finally have somewhere where they can run about, mix with other dogs and spend some leisure time with their owners. So, you're visiting Seville and travelling with your dog! Before you go you need to find out which are the best dog parks, both in the city of  and in the province.

Parque del Alamilo, on the Isla de la Cartuja

For the dog area in the Parque del Alamillo, located on the Isla de la Cartuja, it was taken into account that dogs and humans really can have fun together, so the three hectares of space include plenty of facilities for physical exercise. What are commonly known as agility elements can also be found in the Parque del Tamarguillo, in East District of Seville, which has two dog parks of different dimensions. And what does the agility mode consist of? This is a sport that integrates dogs and people and it began at the dog shows in England at the end of the 1970s. There is a mixture of obstacles and fences, as well as rigid tunnels and see-saws which will be a delight for your dog.

Parque de la Cuesta del Cross and Parque de los Príncipes

park for dogs can have pee pots of different sizes, refreshing fountains and water troughs which are perfect after a good run. The star of the show in this sense is the Parque de la Cuesta del Cross which, with its doggy swimming pool, is especially nice for the hot summer weather in Seville; it has a 2,850 square metre area for dogs and a fenced-off area for dogs making this location in San Juan de Aznalfarache a place not to be missed.

However, if you're looking for somewhere in the centre, the Parque de los Príncipes has been a reference since 2011. It is located in the district of Remedios and has a very spacious are for pets. The copse is also perfect for fighting the high summer temperatures.

The best dog parks in Seville
San Juan de Aznalfarache, Sevilla (Sevilla)