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The largest nudist beach in the world

Playa de Mónsul

Swim in the waters of Cabo de Gata, the most spectacular natural Andalusian coast. And go naked, if you wish, anywhere on the kilometre-long beach of Vera and its nudist urbanisations.

Vera, Spanish capital of nudity.

In other parts of Spain, the "No swimsuit day" is held in mid July. But that's not necessary in Vera. In this part of the Almeria coast, you can swim completely naked all year round.

Vera has a very well-established nudist tradition. From the start, El Playazo beach has been split into two sections. El Playazo is a blanket of sand that covers over 4,000 metres, where two types of swimmers respectfully coexist. The north area is nudist while the southern area has a clothing tradition. It is an urban beach, so it has bars and services for bathers.

Nudism is so popular in Vera that there are even nudist urbanisations where there are often people walking around with no clothes on. There is even a nudist hotel on the beach front, the Vera Playa Club, the first in Spain offering specialised services for nudists. Its most popular facilities include the pool, where you can take off your swimsuit and relax in the sun without offending anyone.

Furthermore, El Playazo has an event recorded in the Guinness record. En 2013, 729 naked bathers came together to take part in the largest nudist swim ever seen.

Your paradise, in the Cabo de Gata.

Vera is only the tip of the iceberg of the Almeria coast. If you follow the coast to the south, you will come across the famous Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve, a real paradise of virgin beaches (or nearly virgin) suitable for naturism lovers and those who don't want to take their clothes off.

One of the beaches that will really impress is the mythical Playa de los Muertos. Its captivating straight coastline and huge rock on the right end are amazing, but wait until you get to the sandy area. The beach is very well preserved and the sand comprises white gravel, which is great for those who don't like fine sand. Remember that there are no litter bins, so you must take your rubbish with you to keep the area looking great.

The stroll through Eden does not end here.

Near the town of Agua Amarga is one of the fierce coves of Cabo de Gata: the Cala de Enmedio. After a tough half hour trek from Agua Amarga, you will come across the reward: a fine white sand area with turquoise waters. A highly recommended cove due to its tranquillity and small number of swimmers.

The next wonder is called Cala San Pedro, which was one of the last hippy redoubts in the country. It can be reached from the town of Las Negras (a former pirate refuge) on foot or in a small boat. If you choose the first option, part of the route can be done by car followed by a forty minute walk. It's truly worth the effort, as the unique hippy village and the ruins of San Pedro accompany the crystal-clear waters of this unique cove.

More must-see beaches.

The Playazo de Rodalquilar, an area with fine golden sand and easy access. The 400 metre beach is guarded by the San Ramón Battery and the Torre de los Alumbres tower, old buildings used to defend against pirate attacks.

To rest between swims and have something to eat, the Isleta del Moro is a good choice. This small fishing village is perfect for enjoying real Andalusian "pescaíto” (fried fish), swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

Cabo de Gata has many swimming options for tourists (nudist or not), and several visits are needed to see all of the Nature Reserve. And one of them must be to visits Los Genoveses beach and the Monsul beach. Very close to each other, both have fine sand and easy access.

The largest nudist beach in the world
Agua Amarga, Carboneras, El Mónsul, La Isleta del Moro, Las Negras, Níjar, Rodalquilar, San José, Vera (Almería)