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Torvizcón, located in the middle part of the depression of the river Guadalfeo, can be accessed through two different roads, which give visitors the chance to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Alpujarra. The road descending from Cádiar that runs parallel to the river Guadalfeo, is a 20 km walk where one can appreciate the breathtaking views of the south face of Sierra Nevada; there is another road descending from the Granada coast, which from Vélez de Benaudalla, runs in parallel to the left hand side bank of river Guadalfeo, which lets one enjoy the contrast in scenery between the coastline and the Lower Alpujarra.

It is a good opportunity for visitors to sample the well-known local wines together with the raisins.


Torvizcón was the ancient Roman Turidianum.

Its history has followed the fate of so many other villages in the Alpujarra region which, by its geographical isolation, has always developed a distinct culture, which had its moment of glory in the Arabic-Andalusian period, when the entire Alpujarra was a major emporium specialized in the production of silk.

After the conquest of Granada (1492) by the Catholic Monarchs, the population was gradually subjected to a pressure became intolerable, and in 1568 a wealthy landowner in the area, Hernando de Valor, who took the name Aben Humeya, rose in arms against Philip II, provoking a general uprising among Muslims all over the kingdom of Granada.

Internal strife among the Muslims, which in 1569 killed Aben Humeya enabled D. Juan de Austria soon end with the lifting.

The Moriscos were finally expelled in 1609.

La Alpujarra was then populated with peasants from Galicia, Leon, Asturias and Castilla.

Land of wine, almonds and figs. It occupies much of the Sierra de la Contraviesa.

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