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Experience nature in its purest state in the Natural Reserve of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas

Actividad de kayak en el Pantano del Tranco

Feel freedom, adrenaline running through your entire body, excitement and adventure,… All this and much more. Come and discover it to the mountains of Jaén.

The spectacular mountain landscape in the high mountains crossed by two rivers, excellent thermal characteristics and mild temperatures throughout the year, makes Jaén the perfect destination for doing adventure sports in its mountains, rivers and marshes.

We gaze at the Tranco Reservoir, taking reference from the viewpoint at the Hornos Castle. From here we have stunning views of the Nature Reserve of Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas.

We begin our 4x4 route with Turisnat, to explore the tracks and trails running through the long GR-247 Bosques del Sur trail. The route crosses the largest and most continuous wooded area in Spain.

This long-distance hiking trail has 21 stages, which will allow you to choose the route and surroundings that most interest you in the Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Nature Reserve.

Steep tracks surrounded by pine trees combined with the autumn colours of other species, and a stunning landscape in its purest form, will help you to enjoy the 4x4 route combined with a hiking path.

And how about finishing off the morning with a kayak trip?

We now go down to the Tranco Reservoir, where we will get ready for this activity, and where Guadalkayak has everything prepared to our arrival.

We get suited up with wetsuits and life vests provided by the company, and receive instructions to row properly and do the activity safely.

The kayaks are ready to start this new adventure.

We all take our kayaks and head down the dry clay sand of the reservoir to get to the nearest shore.

On the shore we receive the last instructions before getting in the kayaks. This time we decided on this quiet activity, but for the more intrepid, there is also rafting and canyoning in the Nature Reserve.

Once in the water, we feel the silence, the tranquillity, the breeze with the smell of pine, and we see how the green of the slopes that surround us tint the colour of the reservoir water the same colour.

After a moment of relaxation…the competition begins! Shall we have a competition to see who rows the fastest?

The water in the reservoir maintains a very pleasant temperature so a nice swim is very appealing to cool us down during this activity.

On our way back to we can see the of beautiful village of Hornos up high and its castle, which is where we started the day by looking down on the reservoir.

After a busy morning of activities, it's time to stop and regain our strength, by trying some of the delicious Jaén cuisine. Next to Tranco Reservoir is Segura de la Sierra is. The International del Aire "Yelmo” is held here in June.

A must if you like sports and nature activities, watching air shows and even participating in them. All combined with a good dose of entertainment and fun, with stunning scenery and an even better atmosphere.

Sierra de Segura has the perfect wind conditions for the different types of flying that you can enjoy during this festival. A meeting point for friends, fans, professionals, athletes, and those with a passion for flying.

If you have an up to date license, you can take part in an exciting paragliding competition with your team. Just sign up in the programme and in no time at all you'll be flying over the wonderful Jaén mountain landscape.

The International Air Festival El Yelmo has been held annually for the last 15 years and hosts many activities and air shows for all tastes.

First class air shows, paragliding and paramotor competitions, mountain bike races, loads of concerts and night entertainment, dynamisation activities, talks and even an International Air Film Festival, are some of the things you will find during the Festival.

The Fair is started by the Monumental ACRO Series FIA and Yelmo-OlivAir at the spectacular Segura Castle.

Participants take-off from the Tower of Tribute, and once they gain height they give attendees a spectacular show with their incredible aerobatics that will fascinate anyone watching.

However, those with a lot of flying hours behind them who want to take on the skies of Jaén in a different way can sign up to go paramotoring. 

Of course, a great experience to share with friends. Furthermore, for those of you who aren't experts in the field, the organisation offers two-seater flights accompanied by professionals, which is an excellent opportunity to begin in the world of flight. 

Take a look at the silhouette of Yelmo. Can't you almost see a human silhouette?

Another of the air exhibitions from the FIA el Yelmo, is Freestyle Paramotor.

A show that fascinates all, particularly since its possible to fly near the ground, so participants can see up close the spectacular loops and impossible turns that these magicians of flight are able to pull off.

In addition to the spectacular aerial displays, FIA el Yelmo, rewards us with an impressive display of Parahawking.

A flight genre that combines paragliding with falconry, man and bird flying together in a show of freedom, an experience that will astound you.

There are different places equipped for flight in the province of Jaén. These include areas of free flight with take-off and landing areas and sport aerodromes, where you can enjoy different types of motorised flight.

From Sierra de Ahillos in Alcaudete, to Siete Pilillas Flight Centre in Pelajagar (where you can take courses for beginners and two-seater flights), passing through the Infantes Aerodrome. If you always dreamt of flying like a bird, don't miss out visiting the skies of Jaen!

But not everything will have your head in the clouds, since the mountain landscapes de Segura offers the chance to explore it in different ways, all of which are very impressive.

Within the framework of FIA el Yelmo, mountain biking fans also have their space, with the Mountain Biking Outing.

So, cycling fans keep your eyes open, because you can enjoy an exciting outing that will complete this adventure trip. We look forward to seeing you.

Experience nature in its purest state in the Natural Reserve of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas