Laguna de Zóñar

Laguna de Zóñar
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The Nature Reserve includes permanent lakes, such as Rincón and Amarga and also seasonal ones like Los Jarales, Tíscar and El Salobral. They have all been declared protected areas because of their importance as winter migration and nesting areas for waterfowl.

To the south of the town of Puente Genil stands the Laguna de Zóñar, the most important lagoon in the southern wetlands of the province of Córdoba.

This particular aquatic area consists of 66 hectares of nature reserve plus a further 304 hectares of Protection Zone, comprising a central pool and two adjacent lagoons, where aquatic vegetation grows. Its slightly salty water comes from a combination of underground sources, rainfall and surface currents.

Laguna de Zóñar is noteworthy for its depth of thirteen metres.

A wide belt of bulrush vegetation, protected against the exterior by surrounding reeds, canes, rushes and salt cedars.

A number of aquatic birds either nest or hibernate in this wet zone. Species recorded here include the Oxyura leucocephala, purple gallinule, shelduck, Aythya nyroca, Aythya ferina and Aythya fuligula and occasionally the common goose.

The famous white-headed duck, identifiable by its thick bluish bill and its raised, pointed tail, is the area's most emblematic species. It was on the verge of extinction a few years back, but is now experiencing excellent recovery on Zóñar, Rincón and Amarga Lakes.

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Laguna de Zóñar
Calle Santo Tomás de Aquino, Edificio Servicios Usos Múltiples, 7ª planta, Córdoba, s/n, 14071

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