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Asperillo Cliffs and Abalario Dunes


The coast of Doñana has spectacular mobile dunes – gigantic "shells" that engulf entire forests when moved by the wind – and other fossilised ones such as those of the Asperillo Cliff, one of the most unique coastal formations in the entire peninsula which we can find here, in Andalusia.

To the northwest of Doñana we can find El Abalario, a vast expanse of dunes and scrub that went from being a wasteland, made up of game preserves, to one of the most stunning environments of the National Park.

Our third on the list is the path of Cuesta Maneli, a winding wooden walkway that crosses the entire dune system. On the fine sand we can see certain traces, footprints that reveal the elusive local fauna. Some threatened species, such as the Iberian lynx, mongoose, spur-thighed tortoise and Lataste's viper seek shelter under the shade offered by abundant stone pines.

At the end of the path, on the cliff, there is a viewpoint that in some parts is up to 30 m high. This makes this escarpment the highest of its kind in Europe. The water from nearby streams has shaped this natural monument, creating a complex system of ancient deposited sand dunes, a grandiose geological landmark that stretches 12 hectares along the coast and whose oldest geological materials go back more than 15,000 years

This ancient wall rises above the well-known Castilla Beach. After the Castilian conquest, this place became the first exit into the Atlantic and the south border of the lands belonging to the Spanish crown. Hence its name.

From the ocean shores you can see the rich hues of the stone wall, as well as the curious geometric shapes and ripples that capriciously run through the entire rock formation. 

Exploring the beautiful environment of Doñana to enjoy the scenery or going to the beach are just some of the wonderful options if you want to enjoy this Protected Nature Area.

Asperillo Cliffs and Abalario Dunes