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Cabo de Gata, an unspoilt paradise full of places to explore

Cabo de Gata (28)

Come with us and visit the best coves, beaches, viewpoints and trails in Cabo de Gata. Get hooked on one of the most unspoilt areas of Andalusia and come and discover it.

In the following articles, we suggest taking a short route around the marvellous Cabo de Gata Natural Park. The first maritime-terrestrial park in Andalusia and one of the first in Spain.

A place where nature has been whimsical giving rise to a series of places of volcanic origin that make this park one of the largest protected reserves at a land-and-sea level in all of Europe.

All of Sierra de Cabo de Gata is formed by a succession of coves and small beaches of great beauty that stretch along 50 kilometres of rugged coast with landscapes that leave visitors breathless.

From urban beaches like San José or Aguamarga...

To wonderful, virgin, natural, sand beaches such as those in Mónsul and Los Genoveses.

Hidden as secrets of the sea, recondite and almost inaccessible, we find coves such as those in Plomo or Cala de Enmedio.

Impressive paths between volcanic cliffs that take us to beaches like the one of Los Muertos

And reefs and impressive views such as those seen from viewpoints at the Arrecife de las Sirenas.

But talking of viewpoints… the spectacular La Amatista viewpoint.

Dune formations —fossils, white and grey sands, and in movement— which give rise to coasts with interior lakes that create such marvellous scenery as the Cabo de Gata salt flats, an ideal space for birdwatching.

But, of course, the magic of this area. The energy from all the little parts of it and the enjoyment that every corner of this wonderful route along the Almería coast brings to all those who visit it, trapping them and making them its own.


calas playas paisajes naturales inolvidables lugares de origen volcánico litoral con energía inmensa