Área Recreativa Tubos

Área Recreativa Tubos
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The Tubos Recreational Area is located outside the Sierra de Castril Natural Park, next to the main access forest track, just 650 meters from the limit. It is located next to an old restored laundry, a pond whose water rises at the bottom of it and a fountain with two pipes.

Currently it has a table (Millstone) and a masonry bench and although it does not have shadows, it is a perfect point to finalize details with friends before entering the natural park or as the end point of a day of hiking.

In addition, the presence in these waters of a recently discovered species of snail called Pseudodamnicola falkneri is also attractive.

Hydrogeological description The Los Tubos spring is the only spring in this area that has thermal characteristics of the Natural Park. It constitutes the lowest level natural discharge of the Sierra Seca aquifer. The upwelling is associated with an outcrop of dolomites from the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous that appears in the nucleus of an anticline retouched by fractures. The water is born at 1080 m of altitude and registers a temperature of between 20-21 ºC, classified as thermal. This thermalism is due to the existence of deep flows in the limestones of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous. This water is characterized by having a saline content of about 650 mg / L, with electrical conductivity values ​​around 530 µS / cm. The average flow of Los Tubos for the period between August 1988 and September 2002 was 83.5 l / s. The waters of the spring present a hydrochemical facies of the bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium-sodium chloride type, with greater mineralization than in the rest of the waters of the Park and a more complex chemism, reflecting a slower circulation that reaches greater depths. The source of water from the Los Tubos source takes place inside a large pool, which in turn receives the surpluses used in the urban supply of Castril, which come from the Juan Ruiz spring, see CTF file. Several irrigation channels start from the pool as ditches that distribute the water throughout the valley. A few meters from the pool there is a small laundry used by the locals.

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Área Recreativa Tubos
Lugar Fuente de Tubos, Entrada al Parque Natural Sierra de Castril, s/n, 18816

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Multi-adventure activities


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Media Montaña Bética mountain

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28 / 07 / 1989

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