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Caving family tour through the Cuevas de Sorbas caves

Espeleovisita en familia por las Cuevas de Sorbas (1)

With family or friends, discover the experience of exploring a cave in an atmosphere of darkness and silence, such as in the Cuevas de Sorbas caves in Almería, with only the light on your helmet to illuminate your path.

For the following report, we travel to the province of Almería and, more specifically, to the town of Sorbas, between the Sierra de los Filabres and Cabrera, where we will all go together to the famous Cuevas de Sorbas caves. A world where darkness and silence reign and where, equipped with helmets and lights, we will discover underground landscapes full of crystals that seem to shine in the darkness, as if by magic.

The landscape of the Sierra de los Filabres and Cabrera is very peculiar. The action of rainwater on the gypsum of Sorbas over thousands of years has given rise to a spectacular karst landscape, with over 1000 sinkholes on the surface and a series of underground caverns, such as in the case of Cuevas de Sorbas caves, which we now want to show you.

A spectacular universe of stalactites, stalagmites, coral, rings, cave pearls, etc. surround many areas of this cave, making it a real show for visitors and a wonderful experience for those who take a walk through it.

The tour that we propose covers an easy route that takes approximately an hour and a half and it is the perfect way to come into contact with the world of caving for the first time.

During the visit, you will be the one who discovers the cave. There will be no lights to illuminate anything. Just you, your helmet and the light you will be wearing on it.

As you advance, the route will go through a series of galleries of a gypsum cave where you can admire, amongst other things, the reflection of many gypsum crystals as the light from your helmet bounces off them, as well as the water erosion that we spoke about at the beginning and how it has been shaping the cave like the best of sculptors.

A unique experience for children and adults, where you can climb from rock to rock…

You will crawl through tiny but fun tunnels

And you will have the chance to turn off your helmets and spend 1 minute in the most absolute silence during a unique, fun experience for the whole family.


cuevas sierra de los filabres y sierra cabrera oscuridad y silencio dolina en superficie
Caving family tour through the Cuevas de Sorbas caves
Paraje Barranco del Infierno, Carretera A-1102, km 0,7. 04270. Sorbas (Almería)