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Flying in the skies above the Sierra Nevada in a paraski

Turismo Activo y Deporte vuelo biplaza en paraski en Sierra Nevada.JPG

A good dose of adrenaline and landscapes during one of the most incredible experiences you can discover in the Sierra Nevada and probably in Andalusia.

When we hear the words Sierra Nevada the first images that come to mind are snow and skiing, however, in this feature we would like to show you the snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevada from the air while embarking on one of the most incredible experiences this sierra has to offer: a two-seater flight in a paraski.

If you can ski reasonably well and would like to have an intense experience, the company Granaltura is offering you the possibility to make your dream to fly on the back of the wind, as if you were a bird soaring between 400 and 800 metres above ground level.

The flight time varies between 15 and 18 minutes and the takeoff is from various remarkable areas in the mountains such as the foot of Veleta Mountain.

Peace, not a sound in the world, adrenaline, speed… are just some of our reflections on this little-known experience in the Sierra Nevada, and here it awaits you to come and try it for yourself.

Flying in the skies above the Sierra Nevada in a paraski
Monachil, Sierra Nevada (Granada)