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Horseback ride through Sierra de Aracena

A caballo por la Sierra de Aracena (3)

Without question this is one of the best ways to explore the trails of the Sierra de Aracena. Horseback riding. A unique view at a trot for the experienced and inexperienced.

I have a great idea for you that combines nature, beautiful landscapes and a touch of fast paced adventure. How does that sound? If so here are some of the best options and things to do in Sierra de Aracena : a horseback ride through one of the many trails of our mountains.

Many people request the magic of this animal. By being raised 2 metres higher, the rhythm of these spectacular animals and their elegance in movements, make the experience of travelling on horseback into something unforgettable and in addition, the environment accompanies you as you'll see in the following report what can you say!

The morning began cold and the best way to warm up was with a good Andalusian breakfast. Toast with Iberian ham and olive oil beside the fire in one of the bars in , a small town in the Sierra de Aracena, is the best way to recharge before the horseback trail. There's no better way!

After gathering energy for the trail, we go to Finca La Suerte, where we will immerse you in skills for handling our horses. Don't worry if you've never ridden before. These animals travel on "autopilot”, one after another, they are very noble and even a child can ride them. After the brief explanations, we start travelling throughthe streets of Galaroza and its whitewashed houses.

With the smell of morning fires, little by little we left to the side and entered the mountains.

Cork oaks and oaks saluted us as we started on the trail. One can discover the mountains and feel the aromas of the countryside on horseback.

The route will last 2 hours and the crowning moment would come when we passed through the chestnut trees. Almost without realizing it we were surrounded by the colours of Autumn. Yellow, red, ochre we travelled through a forest gallery on our horses.

What do you think of these colours?

Letting yourself be carried through these locations, letting the horse set the pace is a genuine feast for the eyes.

A caballo por la Sierra de Aracena (4)

After this we recommend you try experiencing nature on horseback over unique and perfect trails for being viewed and crossed by one of the most wonderful animals of Andalusia.

Who can ride?

Fortunately one of the advantages of horseback is that there is no age limit. Practically anyone can enjoy them provided they are in good physical condition because even though it may not seem like it, riding on horseback is hard work!

Is it very expensive to enjoy this experience?

One of the myths regarding activity related to horse riding is the price. There is a false belief that this type of activity is the exclusive, but that's not the case. To give you an idea, an activity of this type, from 1 to 3 hours, can cost between €15-20 per person.

Horseback ride through Sierra de Aracena
Galaroza (Huelva)