Recinto Amurallado de Palma del Río

Recinto Amurallado de Palma del Río
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The Walled Area of Palma del Río, which was declared a Site of Cultural Interest, is a space where physical contact with the history of this city is evident. The walls were at first a fortress or castle, which occupied the northwest corner of the site alongside a meander of the Genil River. Five towers defined a pentagonal area, linked by the walls. The walls and towers from this construction, such as the so-called Mesa de San Pedro, are now barely visible.

During the Almohad period, the Almoravid castle was strengthened, extending its military fortifications with new walls and more and better towers. The Almohad wall had large sections fortified by many towers, which have luckily been well preserved.

Facing the north is one of the old "bent entrance" gateways that, during the Christian period, was reinforced with its new hexagonal shape, building inside a chapel for the Virgen de las Angustias. The other entrance gate, which was equally defended with the bend technique, is found to the east, opening out onto Plaza del Cabildo. It has an arch, which is known as the Puerta del Sol, while the balcony of Palacio de los Portocarrero sits above it. Recently, the defensive horseshoe arches were restored.

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Recinto Amurallado de Palma del Río
Calle La Muralla, s/n, 14700
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