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RCG Guadalmina, the epicentre of golf in Marbella since 1959


In 1959 one of Javier Arana's star designs was opened in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella.

A golf course with gentle contours, next to the sea and where fun and good strokes go hand-in-hand. Almost 50 years later, the RCG Guadalmina is one of the epicentres of golf on the Costa del Sol. A great number of both amateur and professional international tournaments have been held on the two courses, which have made it a worldwide benchmark in the sector.

The RCG Guadalmina is one of those clubs where you breathe and truly experience golf as soon as you arrive. Thousands of people have passed through these facilities searching for a stronghold where tranquillity and gastronomy are combined with golf.

And it is golf precisely which is the driving force behind this enclosure right on the Mediterranean shoreline. The fact that it is both a social club and a prolific school for children makes Guadalmina a special venue for learning and continuously improving your swing. Without going any further, Azahara Muñoz, one of the most distinguished professional players in the history of European women's golf, started out on her golf career on this course designed by Javier Arana.

What sets this club apart is its distinctly social character. Different generations regularly pass through this privileged environment on the Marbella coast. The gastronomy and the friendly atmosphere do the restand make it a point of reference on the Costa del Golf.

El club's restaurant is a blend of tradition and culinary innovation. Local and seasonal products take pride of place with special mention for the delicacies made available by the proximity of the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar.

You should always have your camera at the ready so you immortalise the incredible views. Be sure to take a selfie on the 11th tee against one the most spectacular sunsets on the Costa del Golf, and you really shouldn't miss the panoramic views of the Sierra Blanca de Marbella mountains. Two unforgettable views from your visit to one of the most symbolic venues on of the Costa del Sol.

RCG Guadalmina, the epicentre of golf in Marbella since 1959
Travesía Guadalmina Alta. Postal code 29670. Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara (Málaga)