Malaga by the TransAndalus

Malaga by the TransAndalus
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Pretending to be romantic and lively bandits we enter the Serranía de Ronda, cycling energetically on the GR 7, along -a large part of- the Malaga TransAndalus. We cross the Bética Mountains strolling through the twists and turns of its magical stones, proud of its history and the pleasures of this region, to then escape through the "eye of the needle" towards Granada.

The TranAndalus by Malaga is a mountain route comprising a series of sections with a pronounced relief, which starts at Estación de El Colmenar (Cortes de la Frontera) after crossing The Alcornocales Nature Reserve in Cadiz.

From El Colmenar up to the fabulous Ronda we go up the Valley of the Guadiaro River along the old "highway from Ronda to Algeciras", almost parallel to the layout of the railway, leaving the Sierra de Grazalema to the right and the Ronda Mountains to the left.

From Ronda we enter the Nature Reserve of the Sierra de las Nieves for a few miles, in search of the basin of the Guadalhorce River that we will cross at El Chorro dam, at the foot of the Tajo de la Encantada and the Gaitanes Gorge.

Via the Valley of Abdalajís we reach the age-old Antequera. From here, and caressing the maze-like Torcal, we head east and skirt the south of the mountains of Las Cabras and Camorolos to find the Sierra de Alhama, which leads to the province of Granada through Boquete de Zafarraya.

Type of route: Linear. Total length: 213.6 km. Type of surface: compact ground, trails, paths and asphalt, Stages: 9 sections. Accessibility: Suitable for walking and mountain bikes.

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Malaga by the TransAndalus - 1
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 35.78km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Cañón de las Buitreras
B Jimera de Líbar
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 2
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 20.18km
  • Cycling percentage: 80.0%
A Jimera de Líbar
B Benaoján
C Benaoján
D Cueva del Gato
E Cueva del Gato
F Ronda
G Ronda Municipal Museum Mondragón Palace
H Ronda Tourist Office
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 3
Difficulty High
  • Length: 26.5km
  • Cycling percentage: 93.0%
A Ronda
B Ronda Tourist Office
C Serranía de Ronda
D Burgo, El
E El Burgo
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 4
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 20.75km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Burgo, El
B Ardales
C Ardales (Museo Municipal)
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 5
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 15.8km
  • Cycling percentage: 95.0%
A Ardales
B Bobastro
C El Chorro
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 6
Difficulty High
  • Length: 10.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A El Chorro
B Valle de Abdalajís
C Valle de Abdalajís
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 7
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 22.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Valle de Abdalajís
B Torcal de Antequera
C Antequera
D Antequera Tourist Office
E Conjunto Arqueológico Dólmenes de Antequera
F Museo de la Ciudad de Antequera
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 8
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 32.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Antequera
B Villanueva del Rosario
C Villanueva del Trabuco
Malaga by the TransAndalus - 9
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 32.65km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Villanueva del Trabuco
B Ventas de Zafarraya
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