Cadiz by the TransAndalus

Cadiz by the TransAndalus
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The TransAndalus by Cadiz is a treat for the senses. We can cycle through the Andalusian essence of this region and fill our saddlebags with unique sensations: the colour of the mountains, its sea and sky; the rhythm of its wind; the flavours of its wines and shellfish; the feelings spread by its exciting history; the blend of tradition and art in its flamenco singing; the grace and spirit of its people and the mastery of its craftsmen.

The Strait of Gibraltar is the place in Cadiz where Europe and Africa face each other and where the currents, mixing the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, caress its coasts. Its strategic location will determine the particularities of its climate and the ups and downs of its history.

We start the first section of the province of Cadiz at Sanlúcar de Barrameda after crossing the Guadalquivir River, either on the barge of Punta Malandar coming from the last section of Huelva or from Coria del Río by the alternative route of Seville

Along the TranAndalus by Cadiz, we will discover the beauty of its six nature reserves, the white, fine sands of its beaches and dunes that contrast with cliffs and marshes, the strength and the breeze of the East and the West. Baelo Claudia, its white villages, fortified enclosures and castles talk about an vivid past.

We say goodbye to Cadiz touching the Sierra de Grazalema, with an impressive climb up La Carrera del Caballo mountain pass, and going down alongside the Guadiaro River, to enter the province of Malaga to end up in El Colmenar, municipal district of Cortes de la Frontera

Type of route: Linear. Total length: 341.05 km. Type of surface: compact ground, trails, paths and asphalt. Stages: 12 sections. Accessibility: Suitable for walking and mountain bikes.

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Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 1
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 23.3km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Puerto Real
B Chiclana de la Frontera
C Chiclana de la Frontera Centro Ciudad
D Chiclana de la Frontera Playa
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 2
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 26.3km
  • Cycling percentage: 85.0%
A Conil de la Frontera
B El Palmar beach
C Tómbolo de Trafalgar
D La Breña y Marismas de Barbate
E Hierbabuena beach
F Barbate
G Barbate
H La Breña y Marismas del Barbate
I Barbate Tuna Museum
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 3
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 43.6km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Algeciras
B Barrios, Los
C Los Barrios
D Castellar de la Frontera
E Zoo de Castellar
F Castillo de Castellar
G Castillo de Castellar
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 4
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 26.3km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Los Alcornocales
B Albergue Inturjoven Algeciras -Tarifa
C Algeciras
D Algeciras
E Museo Municipal de Algeciras
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 5
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 29.85km
  • Cycling percentage: 98.0%
A Tarifa
B Del Estrecho
C Río Guadalmesí
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 6
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 9.55km
  • Cycling percentage: 98.0%
A Barbate
B Zahara de los Atunes
C Playa Zahara de los Atunes
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 7
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 28.8km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Chiclana de la Frontera
B Sancti Petri
C Marismas de Sancti Petri
D Cala del Aceite
E Fuente del Gallo beach
F La Fontanilla beach
G Conil de la Frontera
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 8
Difficulty Medium
  • Length: 34.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 99.0%
A Zahara de los Atunes
B Playa Zahara de los Atunes
C Playa de Atlanterra
D Duna de Bolonia
E Conjunto Arqueológico de Baelo Claudia
F Playa de Los Lances
G Tarifa
H Tarifa
I Albergue Inturjoven Algeciras -Tarifa
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 9
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 21.23km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Castillo de Castellar
B Jimena de la Frontera
C Jimena de la Frontera
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 10
Difficulty Medium - High
  • Length: 40.1km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Jimena de la Frontera
B Jimena de la Frontera
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 11
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 40.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Sanlúcar de Barrameda
B Greenway of Entre Ríos
C Chipiona
D Chipiona Tourist Office
E Rota - Costa Ballena
F Rota
G Rota
H Complejo Endorreico de El Puerto de Santa María
I Puerto de Santa María, El
J El Puerto de Santa María Official Tourist Office
Cadiz by the TransAndalus - 12
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 11.5km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A El Puerto de Santa María Official Tourist Office
B Museo Arqueológico Municipal de El Puerto de Santa María
C Parque Metropolitano Marisma de Los Toruños y Pinar de la Algaida
D Puerto Real
E Puerto Real

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