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The Bat Cave of Zuheros

Cueva de los Murciélagos

Get ready to descend towards the past. Find your prehistoric ancestors again in the Bat Cave.

Come to Zuheros, one of Andalusia's most beautiful towns.

Do you like adventure? Climb up the 700 steps of the Bat Cave.

On the hilltop of the Cerro de Los Murciélagos, in the province of Córdoba, is a spectacular place: Cueva de los Murciélagos (Bats Cave)>. You will ask yourself why it has this name, and the truth is that it's no secret. The cave is inhabited by different species of these mammals. If you're afraid of them, don't worry, it's difficult to come across any of these specimens.

Although it might seem unlikely, this mountain getaway is suitable for everyone. However, put on your best training shoes and a thick sweater because you will face a total of 700 stone steps along its descent and ascent. The accessible cave route is 450 metres, although the entire path includes two kilometres of rocky passages. 

Travel back to prehistory. Feel pure fascination with the cave paintings on its stone walls.

The Bat Cave is known worldwide for its cave paintings and the archaeological site discovered inside. A great part of this finding has served to better understand what life was like in the Neolithic era, although remains from the Palaeolithic have also been uncovered. We know that the cave was permanently inhabited by a group of humans around 6,000 BC.

From this period are found painted strokes representing animals (including a silhouette of a goat) and humanlike figures. Also, clay utensils and flint knives, among other everyday objects. Perhaps the most impressive treasure was discovered in 1938, when fossilised remains of a human body and its trousseau were found, wherefore we conclude that it pertains to a burial.

The cave is alive! Come and see the constant passage of time in stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave not only hides prehistoric remains. Observe your surroundings. Divided across its rooms, the Bat Cave also has another surprise in store for its visitors: enormous and stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Thanks to the guide, you won't have any trouble finding them. They are in the Formations Room. Lovers of caving can also see speleology-related shapes in the Organ Hall.

Go down to Zuheros and discover one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia.

The trip does not end here. Upon leaving the cave, be marvelled by the panoramic view of the town, its castle and Cordoba's Subbética mountain range in the background. Descend four kilometres and without even noticing it, you'll have entered Zuheros, a typical white town of inland Andalusia, but with a special charm for relaxing.

Firstly, its viewpoints, located throughout the entire town. With a brief walk along its pristine streets, you'll soon see that the inhabitants of Zuheros take gardening very seriously in their homes' patios. The most spectacular even count with a plaque hung on their wall as certification. Then, you must savour the village's exquisite traditional cuisine. Highly recommendable is Asador Los Palancos, one of the place's most popular restaurants, which also has magnificent views.

To complete the experience, a visit to the Archaeological Museum and the castle of Moorish origins are essential. Both will draw you closer to the roots of Zuheros.

The Bat Cave of Zuheros
Zuheros (Córdoba)